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Admin Moderation Features


We're in the middle of some fast-moving changes to the Forem Admin experience, so we've paused documentation updates for the time being. You may find that the docs are now outdated in parts. If you have any questions, please visit to request additional support. We thank you for your patience and hope you're liking the changes!


Admins have heightened access across the platform, such as access to backend /admin pages. In addition to these pages, admins also have special moderations features across the Forem that they can access while they interact with the community. Admins have all the features that Tag Moderators have, and more. Before diving into admin moderation features, familiarize yourself with the tag moderator features.

Tag Moderation#

Instead of being assigned a tag to moderate, admins have access to moderate all tags on site. They would moderate from the same mod panel that tag moderators take action from.

Unpublish Articles#

Admins have an additional feature on their mod panel - the ability to unpublish an article. This should be used only on an as-needed basis.

Mod panel with unpublish article button

Delete Comments#

When moderating a comment, admins have the option to delete the comment entirely.

Comment mod page with delete comment functionality.