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We're in the middle of some fast-moving changes to the Forem Admin experience, so we've paused documentation updates for the time being. You may find that the docs are now outdated in parts. If you have any questions, please visit to request additional support. We thank you for your patience and hope you're liking the changes!

About Credits#

Credits enable users to purchase classified listings from your site. Listings can be considered a marketplace for the community: users can offer their services, share events, list items for sale, etc.

Credit Prices#

We recommend tiered bulk pricing for credits (i.e. the more credits someone buys, the cheaper each credit becomes).

You can include up to four tiers of credit pricing:

  • Small: less than 10 credits
  • Medium: 10-99 credits
  • Large: 100-999 credits
  • Extra Large: 1000 credits or more

To define the price of a single credit, please include the USD cent value of one credit at each tier. Here's an example of our tiers:

  • Small: 500 cents per credit
  • Medium: 400 cents per credit
  • Large: 300 cents per credit
  • Extra Large: 250 cents per credit

In order to sell credits, you will need to have Stripe API configured under your Forem's Monetization settings. Users can purchase credits from /credits/purchase - if Stripe is not configured correctly they will see an error message.

Error message visible on credits purchase page due to incorrect or incomplete Stripe settings