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We're in the middle of some fast-moving changes to the Forem Admin experience, so we've paused documentation updates for the time being. You may find that the docs are now outdated in parts. If you have any questions, please visit to request additional support. We thank you for your patience and hope you're liking the changes!


Badges appear on user profiles and are a great way to reward your community. People love collecting badges!

Badges are managed from /admin/content_manager/badges, where they can be created, awarded, and removed.

How To Create A Badge#

Click Create Badge and you'll open form with the following fields:

  • Title: name of badge (a badge's link is auto-generated based on the title, e.g. the title Slug of Badge would generate the link /badges/slug-of-badge)
  • Description: the description that appears when a user is awarded the badge
  • Badge Image: upload an image of your badge
  • Credits Awarded: number of credits awarded to a user after they were awarded the badge

How To Award A Badge#


Most badges are awarded manually via /admin/content_manager/badges and /admin/content_manager/badge_achievements by clicking the Award Badge button. To award a badge:

  • Badge: Select the name of badge to be awarded
  • Usernames: List the usernames of each user that should receive the badge in a comma-separated format.
  • Override Default Message: The default message is the badge description, but you can override that message by adding a custom one here.
  • Click Award Badges


Forems come loaded with a default set of badges that get awarded automatically.

Examples types of badges from DEV:

  • Contributor Badges: the DEV Contributor badge is awarded after a PR is merged into the DEV open open-source repo
  • Anniversary Badges: the 1-year, 2-year, 3-year badges are awarded on the anniversaries of a community member join date
  • Streak Badges: the 4-week, 8-week, and 16-week streak badges are awarded for publishing a post in consecutive weeks
  • Top Post by Tag Badges: various badges are awarded for the author with the most popular article in a specific tag
  • Beloved Comment: this badge is awarded automatically for any comment that reaches a certain threshold of positive reactions

How do I set up an automatically-awarded badge?#

The following badges can be awarded automatically. To do so, be sure to set up a badge using a matching Slug by matching the exact formating of the Badge Name in the table below.

For the top post by tag badges, the Forem admin will need to create a badge and associate it with a tag.

Here's a comprehensive list of the badges' slugs to recreate:

Badge NameBadge SlugNote
DEV Contributordev-contributorThis is not generalized. This relates strictly to the DEV Open source repo.
X Year BadgeX-year-clubN/A
X Streak BadgeX-week-streakcapped at 16 weeks, must be 2,4,8,16
Tag Badgeslug of the tagassociate the badge with a tag via /admin/badges
Beloved Commentbeloved-commentAutomatically awards a badge if someone's comment reaches 25 likes

How To Remove A Badge#

If you followed the instructions to award a badge and realize too late that you've awarded the badge to the wrong person, don't worry! Although we would generally recommend allowing someone to keep a casual community badge that has been erroneously awarded, if it's an exclusive award you may opt to remove it. To do this, navigate to or click on Badge Achievements from the main Badges page, locate the recipient, and click Remove.

Please note: If you remove a badge that your Forem is configured to automatically award, it will be re-awarded automatically.